Friday, July 29, 2011

Halfway House Recording Sessions

Yesterday HTAFM visited the Stone House to record audio and video of live song performances for Halfway House. The session went extremely well and we had a great time. Peter(Audio Engineer) and Chris(Videographer) are great and accommodating hosts which made everything go incredibly smooth. We arrived to load in at 11:00am and were pulling out of the parking lot at 1:20pm. Peter had us come into the control room to give a listen to the audio before we left and it already sounded phenomenal. Due to the short length of the songs, we did a fourth as opposed to the standard three song session. We are still determining whether all four will be put up or just the main three. The set list is as follows:

-Folio Verso
-Malleable (In so Far)
-Unmanageable Infrastructure (or The Interstellar Nanobacterium Parasitic Infestation)

The videos should be available a couple weeks prior to our album release on September 17th, so keep an eye on the Halfway House site. There is also a link to their site in the column on the right side of our page. I managed to snap a few pictures during setup and tear down as well, so here they are:


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Album Release Lineup and Other Events

It looks as though the album release at The Pyramid Scheme has been moved from September 10th to September 17th. We are excited to announce that Bars Of Gold(Detroit) and Ghost Heart(Grand Rapids) will be joining us in the lineup. Both are outstanding groups, and it's looking like a great night already. There will likely be another act added, but we're still working on that, so keep your ears on.

In other news, HTAFM will be going into the Stone House for a Halfway House recording session tomorrow and we're really excited for the opportunity to play there. If you haven't visited their site before, you can check it out HERE. Paleface, Surfer Blood, The StereoFidelics as well as several excellent Grand Rapids acts have stopped through to give live performances and Halfway House posts excellent audio/video footage of them on their site. Browse around the rest of their site as the "Sessions" page is merely one facet of a fantastic site.

Next Wednesday HTAFM will be visiting the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls as a part of an Artprize entry. Not to be just spectators, but to perform in the middle of a roller derby track. Michael Cook, Dan Climie, Trevor Ditmar, and Sean Sterns are putting together an Artprize entry involving local musicians filmed playing in unusual locations to be shown throughout Artprize. We feel very fortunate to be a part of this performance piece and look forward to seeing the entire work once completed.

Lastly, we will be playing a show at a place called The Venue in Standale this Saturday with Mean Mother, Apostles, & Onn. Not sure how the venue itself will be, but the lineup will be massive and loud all around. Here's a internet flyer for that one: